Laravel gives developers a Command Line interface - Artisan. Artisan commands line tool is very handy for building a Laravel application. With this command-line tool, we can make models, controllers, and can do data migrations, and many more. 

Here is the list of frequently used and must know Laravel artisan commands (cheat sheet).

Create a new Laravel project (first, install composer in your system)

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

Laravel installer as a global Composer dependency

The Laravel installer is simple and easy.

laravel new example-app

Generate a unique key to your application in .env file

php artisan key:generate

Create a front-end scaffolding with Bootstrap flag

php artisan ui bootstrap

Similarly, we can create a front-end scaffolding for other frontends UIs as below

Create a front-end scaffolding with Vuejs

php artisan ui vue

Create a front-end scaffolding with React

php artisan ui react

Starting Development Server

php artisan serve

Laravel has make:xxx command to create models, controllers, migrations, Jobs, provider, and requests, etc.

Here are the available make:xxx commands -


To view all the available laravel artisan command list

php artisan list

Lists all the routes registered in the application

php artisan route:list

Create a migration table

php artisan make:migration create_post_table

Run migrations or any pending database migrations.

php artisan migrate

Create seeder

php artisan make:seeder PostSeeder

Run seeder

php artisan db:seed --class=PostSeeder

Rolls back the latest database migration

(Note: You must have the necessary commands in your down() function of the migration).

php artisan migrate:rollback

Rollback the last n migrations.

php artisan migrate:rollback --step=3

Rollback all migrations and re-create database with seeders

php artisan migrate:refresh --seed

Create laravel authentication

This simple auth command creates ready to use routes and views (registration and login) required for authentication. You need to run migration after this command.

php artisan make:auth

Enabling maintenance mode

php artisan down

Disabling Maintenance Mode

php artisan up

Clear Application Cache

php artisan cache:clear

Clear Config Cache

php artisan config:clear

Clear Route Cache

php artisan route:clear

Clear Compiled View Files

php artisan view:clear

Clear all Laravel's cache in one command

(Compiled views, Application cache, Route cache, Configuration cache, etc.)

php artisan optimize:clear



There is too much to learn and sometimes we all lose interest at some point. Be it long-running projects or repetitive tasks or just bad weather 😅.

Well, don't be! Laravel inspire command is here - 

php artisan inspire